GCSE Learning Routes 2018 - 2021

All pupils follow the National Curriculum since entering the school in Year 7 (Foundation Years)

They study a range of subjects across all learning areas including Literacy and Drama through English.

KS4 GCSE Years 9 - Year 11

  • Every pupil follows non core GCSE subjects that we believe show their strengths and interests
  • The subjects will be a combination of compulsory core subjects and 2 additional courses
  • The subjects will allow them to make the best progress
  • The Learning Route will be broad and balanced to ensure access to post 16 successfully
  • Attendance is crucial to ensuring progress across all areas

The Pathways programme is a carefully planned process which helps pupils, with support from parents and teachers, to make informed choices about their courses for Key Stage 4.

The process begins formally with a Pathways Parents Meeting which outlines the process that we will follow. Parents, together with their child will be asked to complete a short online survey. This allows us to gather personal preferences about subjects that are of interest to every student and presents an opportunity to consider post 16 education and careers opportunities. The information is hugely important in recommending a potential pathways which will suit every child and allow them to make the best possible progress.

There are then individual interviews with each pupil and further opportunities are given for parents to meet with a senior member of staff to discuss the pathways, if needed.

Core Subjects

Additional Subjects