Welcome to Redhill School

Redhill School is a thriving and successful school where rich tradition and exciting innovation are encouraged in equal measure. We value each and every one of our pupils and they are at the very centre of all that we do. By recognising their unique needs and aspirations, providing equal opportunities and a caring environment, our pupils are able to flourish and achieve their best.

Our Values and Ethos

Redhill has a history of excellence based on our core values of respect, integrity, discipline, high achievement and trust. Such high standards really matter - in both the academic sense and wider context of preparing young people for their future. I am proud of the well-deserved excellent reputation the school has achieved within the local and wider community. By selecting the school you are becoming part of a great tradition. Welcome and I hope that your son or daughter gets as much out of being here as many generations have done in the past so successfully.  more > 

A reminder that there are various changes to the routine this term due to bank holidays, elections and various other things. A letter explaining these changes was sent out ea...
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On Thursday, 30th March, Redhill School received the heartbreaking news of the death of Pierce Wilkinson, one of our Year 8 pupils. Pierce was a loyal, caring and conscie...
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