EduLink One


What is EduLink One?

Edulink One is an online system that can be accessed through a browser or app that allows parents to log in and view their child/children's live information.

How can I log in as a parent?

As a parent you will have received an email to the address you have registered on our system that will provide your username for EduLink One and a link to create a password. Please check your spam and junk email folders as depending on different email provider settings the message may be there.

On the log in screen, there is a field for School ID, enter Redhill into this field.

You can log into EduLink One through any browser or through the app which is available on IOS and Android. Search for ‘EduLink One’ on the apple IOS store for Apple phones or do the same on the Google Play store for Android phones.

Please click here for the EduLink One browser login

Please click here for the EduLink One IOS store page

Please click here for the EduLink One Android store page

If you need any additional support please email

What information will I see when I log in?

Achievement - Your child’s achievement points.

Attendance - A summary of your child’s attendance by month and academic year.

Timetable - View your child’s lesson timetable for the week.

Exams - For parents who have children in Y10 and Y11, this section provides you with their exam timetable and information about course entries.

Reports - Monitoring reports will be available to view here.

Noticeboard - In the noticeboard section you will be able to view whole school letters that are applicable to your child and school newsletters.

Update Information - If you have a change of information relating to you or your child you can update it here.

Absence Reporting - If your child is going to be absent you can use this feature to alert our attendance officer.

Parents Evening Booking - You can book appointments to see teachers for parents evenings here. Please note that the events will only show when bookings open.

To see a video overview of the features available, please view below

If you need any additional support please email

The Edulink One one app icon.

The Edulink One one app icon.

The EduLink One Login Screen.

The EduLink One Login Screen.