Pupil Premium Spending


Information about what we achieved in 2017/18 

In the 2017/18 academic year outcomes of students eligible for the Pupil Premium were very encouraging.  

Based on SISRA opt in data (sept 2018) initial progress for disadvantaged students looks as follows:  

The data for 2018 outcomes shows that disadvantaged progress was broadly in line with the national average for progress across the curriculum and has increased from 2017.  

Disadvantaged students achieved positive progress in the English and the EBacc.  

In mathematics they were broadly in line with the national this was an increase on 2017 outcomes.  

Progress was positive in Science and Humanities. 

(all figures are for the 42 students who followed a mainstream curriculum) 

Attendance was a key focus for us in 2017/18. Attendance for Pupil Premium students remained broadly in line with the 2016/17 academic year, at 91.2%.  This is an in school gap of 4% against none disadvantaged attendance figures over the same period. Persistent absence has improved slightly since 2016/17. Attendance remains a key focus area for us in 2018/19. 

In 2017/18 the schools allocated budget was £173,910 and we had 218 who were eligible for the Pupil Premium funding. 

We are committed to diminishing the attainment gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students nationally. We identified key barriers to success for our Pupil Premium students in 2017/18.  

Read our more detailed action plan and review for 2017-18 here

Plans for 2018/19  

In 2018/19 the schools allocated budget is £188:870. The school has 220 students who are eligible for the Pupil Premium funding. 

As a school we have identified the key barriers to success for out disadvantaged students are: 

  • Continue to improve the attendance of PP student  

  • Overall progress in open element subjects  

  • Overall literacy 

  • Improving the attainment in mathematics and English focusing on a strong pass (grade 9-5) 

In 2018 pupil premium students made strong progress in English and rapid gains in maths. We will focus on ensuring students make positive progress again in English and maths results and improve further in 2018/19. We will continue to build upon last year and focus on the key barriers that face our disadvantaged students.  

Because of our identified barriers we will spend the majority of our 2017/18 Pupil Premium budget on Numeracy and Literacy including Ks3 in order to address gaps in knowledge at the earliest opportunity. We will continue to provide additional support for disadvantaged families with low attendance. We will also continue to ensure that our curriculum enables Pupil Premium students to make strong progress with particular focus on open element subjects. 

Read our more detailed action plan and review for 2018-19 here 

Read our Pupil Premium Policy here

Pupil Premium Contacts

If you wish to discuss Pupil Premium support at Redhill school either contact Mrs L Mills (Finance Assistant) or Mr G Scott (Assistant Head Teacher)