Redhill School Governing Body

Governors are a group of volunteers who want to make a positive contribution to the school. We are responsible for the strategic direction, vision and ethos of the school. We are not involved with the day-to-day running of the school, which is the responsibility of the Headteacher. Our role is to support and challenge the Headteacher and school leadership, and hold them to account.

We work together to:

  • Make decisions on performance targets, school policies and development plans

  • Decide how the budget should be spent

  • Promote high standards of teaching and learning

  • Monitor pupils’ progress and achievements

Could you become a Governor of Redhill School?

Governors at Redhill

The Headteacher is automatically a Governor, but all the other Governors are either elected or appointed and their initial term of office is four years.

Elected governors are either parents or staff. We have seven “Parent Governors” who are elected by parents with children at the school, and “staff Governors” elected by both the teaching and non-teaching staff. We deliberately chose these numbers so that a majority of governors must be elected, to make the Governing Body democratic and representative.

The remaining governors are appointed by the Governing Body itself. Many of them started as parent governors. When their term was completed they were invited to use their experience and serve in a different category. Others are nominated by the local authority, or are recruited because they offer particular skills.

Our governors come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. Some have education or public sector backgrounds, others have business experience or more specialist professional skills. They all have a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment.

All Governors are equal; no type of Governor or individual is any more important or powerful than any other.

Parent Governors

Parent Governors have children at the school and are elected by other parents, but they are not delegates. Their role is not to represent other parents directly, but to use their own judgment and express their own views.

Once a person is elected as a Parent Governor, they will remain on the Governing Body for the full four years of their term of office, even if their own children leave the school during that time.

What is involved?

Governors all meet together as a full Governing Body twice a term. 

In addition, governors sit on interview panels when staff are recruited, and disciplinary panels when pupils are excluded.

Governors also get involved with the life of the school. We enjoy attending concerts and productions, and celebrating achievements at our annual Presentation Evening. We attend parents’ evenings to meet parents and staff.

Governors with special responsibilities

Some governors agree to take on extra responsibilities for a particular area, such as Special Educational Needs or Looked After Children. Governors on our Teaching and Learning committee are linked with the different learning areas, and visit school regularly. These governors build a direct “link” with staff and pupils, and report back to the Governing Body,

Could you be a Governor?

To become a governor, you do not need any experience in education, or any special qualifications. We need governors who bring different points of view, from professionals to full time parents. The most valuable thing you can offer is your time and enthusiasm.

At present, we would like to make the Governing Body more representative of our school community. For this reason, we would particularly welcome new governors from minority ethnic backgrounds.

If you are a Redhill Governor, please click here to access the secure area for Governors.