Religious Education

Subject Overview

RE is a vital element of cohesion and integration. It is essential that young people are able to understand themselves in the context of a multi-faith world. RE enables them to be a positive member of a society that shows tolerance understanding and respect to all, regardless of faith.

RE at Redhill is a popular subject that consistently achieves excellent results. Pupils feel confident to participate with peers from backgrounds and faiths that are different to their own. There are three full-time teachers who deliver the RE curriculum in specialist rooms. Lessons are taught in an engaging way that caters for all learning styles. The department is well resourced with artefacts to help pupils develop a true insight into the different faiths.

Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their own beliefs and where the fit in to the world of faith. We encourage them to think critically and explore ultimate questions.

In Year 7 pupils study a combination of Philosophy and Learning about religions. Topics include:
Where is God?
Suffering and Evil

In Year 8 pupils build on previous skills and enhance their knowledge of how religions can impact on the lives of believers. They study:
New Religious Movements
Religion and Money
Religion and Science

At the end of Year 8 pupils may opt to study RE to GCSE. If they decide to do RE at GCSE they will study complete the EdExcel Religious Studies B course.

Extended Learning

No revision guides have been published as yet for the hew GCSE course. Pupils are able to request a Kerboodle password from their RE teacher to access some revision work and exam practice.


RE significantly contributes to the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development for pupils from the start of their time at Redhill and is embedded throughout the curriculum.

Spiritual development – pupils are given opportunities to form and reflect upon their own beliefs and opinions about life. In the RE classroom they show respect for other people’s faiths, beliefs and values. Pupils enjoy developing their personal opinions and learning about the world’s religions. We use a range of creative and imaginative ways to teach and for pupils to show their understanding.

Moral development – throughout RE pupils explore life issues. They are encouraged to form their own opinions in moral decision making. They are aware of current laws and legislation in regard to such life issues. A skill nurtured throughout RE is the ability to give reasoned views about moral and ethical issues and also show an understanding of an opposing view to their own.

Social development – In the RE classroom, pupils from different backgrounds work together. All pupils are willing to work together in the classroom and are cooperative. Pupils are taught Rights and Responsibilities, the British Values of democracy, the rule of law and tolerance towards those who have faith and those who do not. This is explored through our Religion and Society unit.

Cultural development – Pupils explore multi-cultural Britain and appreciate the variety of cultures that have contributed to everyday life in Britain. Learning about the major world religions allows that to have an appreciation of the cultural development of others and they show an interest in exploring this. Pupils are taught to show respect to people from other faith, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds locally and globally. This is explored through the Life Issues and Morality units we study.