Year 8 Anthology Stories

Students at Redhill had the exciting opportunity to work with Read On EU and Writing West Midlands to help write a story for an Anthology with Author Ken Preston. Year 8 students met at workshops in the Learning Centre to discuss plots, characters and story line development. Mr Preston then wrote a short story based on these ideas to go into the book called ‘After Summer & Other Stories’.

This book has been published and will translated into four different languages to be distributed to sixteen countries. Students attended the Young Writer’s Awards Ceremony on Saturday 22nd June with Learning Centre Manager Kate Dorrell and Head of English Cheryl Wakefield to receive acknowledgement of their participation. Each student received a certificate and a personalised signed copy of the book.

The students have been so proud to see their work in print and are so grateful to Mr Preston for making such an amazing story with their ideas. This had encouraged our young writers to have the confidence to develop their own ideas and to write creatively, as well as read more for inspiration.

Student Matthew Liptrot said:

“I have recently had the privilege of working with Ken Preston and my other peers to write a story for ‘After Summer & Other Stories’ which we called ‘Fall Deep’. We talked about our favourite genres which unsurprisingly was Horror. My idea was to make it about people being trapped inside a videogame, and when we went on the school trip with Mrs Dorrell I was ecstatic to hear that my idea was in the book! I’m so happy that we got this opportunity.”

IMG_6164 - Copy.JPG
Matthew Roach